Illustrations from The “Volunteer”

The “Volunteer” continues to be very well received by readers all over the world.  The novel has accumulated 12 reviews on, an additional 3 reviews on Amazon UK, and one other on the Canadian Amazon page.  The average rating among all 16 reviews is around 4.5 stars.

Before The “Volunteer” was published, an earlier draft was posted in serialized form at a couple of different websites, and it developed quite a following.  One anonymous reader, known only as SliceReality on the Web, became such a fan that he created several illustrations from that early draft of the novel.  Later, when the final version of The “Volunteer” was published, SliceReality created the cover art and design.

I couldn’t afford to publish an illustrated edition of The “Volunteer”, but I wanted to highlight the pieces he did create from that early draft.

Here’s the cover art without the title text.the__volunteer____front_row_nude_by_slicereality-dacle0r-png

This is from the interview with Clarissa from the school newspaper in the lobby of Dani’s dorm in Chapter Six.the_naked_interview__the___volunteer____by_slicereality-d9gxlde-png

This is from the live broadcast of Stossel in Chapter 13.

And this is Dani on stage with Miley Cyrus at the Coachella Music Festival in Chapter Fourteen.the_festival__exposed_on_stage__the__volunteer___by_slicereality-d9ik3do

It is very gratifying to see others’ interpretations of one’s work, and I can imagine what authors feel when watching film adaptations of their books.  If you haven’t yet read The “Volunteer” and if these illustrations have piqued your interest, you can get your copy on Amazon by clicking here: Order The “Volunteer”


4 thoughts on “Illustrations from The “Volunteer”

  1. These are great images, though maybe Dani’s body has been made ‘too idealistic’. Really brings it to life, it would be nice if more can be produced, and it would be even better if this novel could be turned into an art -house film. It should be pursued.


  2. While the image does a great job of depicting the description in the book the discrepancies I found was Miley’s footwear. In the image, she is wearing some type of shoe. In the book, she was wearing fur-lined boots. The jumbotron was described as being behind the band and there is no “wrecking ball” in the image.I think the images should be incorporated into the next version of the book, make it illustrated.


  3. As for the live broadcast, Rhonda was not on stage at the time Dani took a “quick glance” at her nipples.

    The interview is the most accurate.

    The cover art seems unfair. the other students have some sort of writing-table, while Dani in the front row doesn’t have anything to write on. She also seems to have her purse with her instead of her binder. With a student having a laptop out I’m confused is this a classroom or something else.

    Either way, I enjoyed all of the images. It really made imagining the story so much easier.

    Now we need an image of when she saw her parents sitting on the same loveseat she interviewed on.


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