I can’t believe we are six days into December already.  My attempt at writing the first 50,000 words of Naked Fame : The Volunteer Returns for National Novel Writing Month fell far short, due to election tasks (I was a candidate for state representative), an illness that knocked me out for almost a week, and work stuff.  But I do have the book started.

I did buy my spouse an autographed copy of Nick Offerman’s Good Clean Fun on our trip to the Texas Book Festival.  She has done one woodworking project, building a bookcase to shelve some of my excess books, and wants to do more.  I just have to keep the book hidden from her for a little less than three more weeks.  It also provided my son and me a chance to meet and talk just a bit with Nick Offerman.  We are both big fans of his character Ron Swanson on the Parks & Recreation TV show.


The “Volunteer” saw a surge in sales this past week, for whatever reason.  I do have to admit that the paperback would make a nice Christmas gift for any loved one who reads much.



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