I can’t believe that we are already at the last day of May.  I am still looking for a full time job, and I am still working on the sequel to The “Volunteer”.  My oldest son is graduating from high school this weekend, and we found out recently that his girlfriend is pregnant.  I’m not quite sure I’m old enough to be a grandparent, but it looks like that is happening regardless of my age.  The news of the baby came right before my layoff, which made said layoff more difficult to accept.  Talk about bad timing.

The audio book for The “Volunteer” should have been out by now, but we have run into some technical difficulties with the audio files.  Hopefully, we will get those resolved soon and get the audio book on the market.  I know a lot of readers prefer audio, and I hope to accommodate them in the near future.

And finally, here’s a screenshot of the latest five-star Amazon review of The “Volunteer”.  It’s very gratifying to see such reviews.  Each of the last seven posted reviews has been five stars.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post their thoughts on the book.

Review 5 24

One thought on “Updates

  1. Thanks for writing your blog and even more for writing this book. I have been a nudism activist since the early 90s and I’m sure you know it’s not easy trying to pry the majority of nudists out of their comfort zones in order to get them excited about working toward legalizing public nudity and body freedom. Most would prefer to remain secluded behind the fences of their clubs where they can be safe and secure from the world and allow the government to continue making criminals out of them if they are ever caught nude outside of their comfort zones. Hopefully your book will serve to stir something within them that makes them hunger to have what Dani has now experienced and is finding she can’t live without. I have never had it, but I already know I can’t live without it. Again, my deepest gratitude for stirring the pot.

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