First Week of Release

This has been a great first week of release for The Girl Who Stopped Wearing Clothes. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy or read it on Kindle Unlimited. I did notice a couple of negative reviews early on, and I fully expected that. This new book is different in tone and scope than the first novel. It had to be. The events of The “Volunteer” changed Dani in so many ways that a rehash of that original story couldn’t have been done. I had to start with Dani the way she was at the end of the first book and not backtrack. The Girl Who Stopped Wearing Clothes is its own book while also being a sequel, and I tried to write it in such a way that one could read it without having read The “Volunteer”. Time will tell if I was successful.

Thank you all for hanging with me and reading any of my books. I’ve got two projects underway right now. One is a non-fiction collaboration with my mother, and the other is a suspense thriller with a twist (or is it a twisted suspense thriller?). In fact, I had better end this blog post and get back to work on them…

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